Hush little boy..


Hush little boy, don’t be mad,

most people don’t understand you the way i do

They don’t know your inner fight,

it hurts and it makes you sad.

Try little boy to talk about your feelings,

learn to fight against misunderstandings,

most people don’t know why you behave the way you do.

They don’t know annything about your inner struggle,

they can’t know, and it hurts me too.


I know it’s hard to grow older,

sometimes life is rough, and not fair,

but boy look over your shoulder,

know that i will  always be there.

But please little boy, i also have feelings,

sometimes a am strong, sometimes i am weak.

Then i have my own problems to solve,

and don’t have the answer you seek.

Maybe then i will even find you annoying too,

and give you te feeling i don’t understand.

But i am always going to be your mother,

give me some time, i will be back again.

To help you en lend you a hand.


I know it’s hard to grow older,

sometimes life is rough and not fair,

but boy just look over your shoulder,

know that i will always be there


So grow boy, find your way and get smarter,

learn from your mistakes, and turn into a man,

from your mother a little reminder,

always be strong boy, i know that you can!









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